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A logo is your brand’s visual identity, a powerful symbol that tells your story in an  instant. It’s the first impression you make and the lasting image in people’s minds. A well-designed logo increases brand’s trust and recognition. It’s the foundation of your brand’s image, making you stand out in a crowded marketplace. A logo is not just an image, it’s a key element of your company.

Gaming logo revamped

Gaming industry

The Gaming industry is jam packed with some amazing brands and it’s growing with an exponential speed. Many new gaming brands are coming in the world and it becomes equally important to stand out in the clutter and to have an impact.


Designing a logo from text-based to 3D is a challenging. The logo was not making impact and as the gaming industry logos are very vibrant and that feel was missing from the previous logo. We’re excited to tackle this unique puzzle for a magnificent outcome.


Our Objective for the logo is to create a modern, adaptable design. We want a logo that not only looks stylish and contemporary, but can also be used effectively across a wide range of applications and platforms, ensuring its versatility and classic appeal.

Tools Used

Our Action plan

Our action plan started with a deep understanding of your brand’s core values & current challenges. We brainstormed, sketched with customer to refine ideas. We carefully refined the chosen concept, focusing on versatility and memorability. Testing and customer’s valuable feedback guide us to the perfect logo that  resonates with his brand’s identity and goals.


The impact of the new gaming logo was amazing as it gave a new life to the brand and the logo design was so on point that the business experienced more customer’s footfall after that as they started to resonate with the brand. People remember good logos and that exactly happened with this brand.

Our Happy Customer

Velox Tech’s logo design team exceeded our expectations with their responsive and creative work, I will come again!

mohammed saqib


lets make your brand's logo shine out

Let’s elevate your brand’s presence with Velox Tech! We specialize in crafting logos that stand out and capture your brand’s essence. Our team of talented designers ensures your logo not only shines but also connects with your target market. We understand the importance of a strong logo in making an impression. Partner with us, and together, we’ll create a logo that truly stands out and sets your brand in a competitive market.

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